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The attention of the Management of has been drawn to a disclaimer on the website of the Nigerian Law School.

This is to inform parents, guardians, students and  prospective students of the Nigerian Law School and the general public that, with the registered name of Etuk Properties & Investment Ltd is a registered company under the COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT 1990 incorporated on the 26th of August,2015 with RC 1283250.


Therefore as a legal entity of its own right, the company has no affiliation whatsoever, nor has it ever purported to have any affiliation with the Nigerian Law School. The company has been involved in the business of ease of rentals for students to private apartments outside the Law School premises of which the NLS has absolutely no jurisdiction, nor lien whatsoever.

This therefore makes our businesses completely independent of the Law School, as we serve as a marketing/lease interface between private property owners who build apartments for students’ rental and the students who will rather prefer the luxurious private apartments to what is obtainable in the campuses. therefore has the highest listings of private apartments meant for Law School Students nationwide; Bwari, Lagos, Enugu and Bayelsa environs of the Law School campuses.

We therefore use this great opportunity to thank all our very esteemed clients who have engaged our services for the past years till date and indeed salute their faith in our services as they are the ones keeping us in business.We also use this opportunity to congratulate all Bar 1 students on their success at the Bar 1 examinations and wish them greater success in Bar 2. Feel free to engage our services at any point across any of the campuses for private apartment rentals. AND REMEMBER,  ETUK.NG IS THE BEST WAY TO FIND YOUR PRIVATE APARTMENT.




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Do you have friends, colleagues, wards or relatives who need to secure private apartments for their stay at the NLS, Bwari Bar 2 programme ?
Or you are trying to make plans for your accommodation for the Bar 2 Programme at the Nigerian Law School, Bwari? has captured all the apartments available for Bar 2 students at the Nigerian Law School, Bwari all tailored to suit your budget and taste for Bar 2 programme, ranging from unfurnished, furnished to serviced apartments. With all categories ranging from Studio, 1 bedroom, 2bedrooms, 3bedrooms, Pent Houses to Duplexes.
Click on these links to get the full view of available apartments…
1. Unfurnished Apartment
Studio Bar 1-N150,000

Bee Wills

2. Unfurnished Apartment
Studio. Bar 1&2-N200,000

3. Unfurnished Apartment
Studio. Bar 1&2-N250,000

4. Unfurnished Apartment
A.Studio.Bar 1&2-N250,000
B.1Bedroom:Bar 1&2-N350,000
C.2Bedrooms:Bar 1&2-N500,000

5. Unfurnished Apartment
A.Studio: Bar 1&2-N250,000
B.1Bedroom:Bar 1&2-N400,000
C.2Bedrooms:Bar 1&2-N600,000

Blue Roof

6. A.Unfurnished Apartment
Studio.24hrs Electric Power.
Bar 1-N350,000
Bar 2-N800,000
Bar 1& 2-N1,000,000

7. Unfurnished Apartment
A.Studio. Bar 1 & 2-N350,000

B.Furnished Apartment/Studio .Bar 1& 2-N850,000

8. Unfurnished Apartment
A. 1 bedroom: N350,000
B. 2bedroom:N550,000

9. Unfurnished Apartment.
A.Studio: Bar 1&2-N450,000
B.1bedroom: Bar 1&2-N750,000(Small)
C.Bar 1&2-N950,000(Big)
D.2bedrooms: Bar 1&2-N1,200,000

10. Unfurnished Apartment
A. Studio: Bar 1&2-N450,000

11. Unfurnished Apartment
1bedroom.Bar 1&2- N500,000

12. Unfurnished Apartment
A. Studio: Bar 1&2-N500, 000
B. Furnished Studio: Bar 1& 2- N900,000.
C. Unfurnished 1 Bedroom: Bar 1&2-N700,000

13. Unfurnished Apartment
1bedroom: Bar 2-N500,000

14. Unfurnished Apartment
2Bedrooms: Bar 2-N550,000

Joe Apartment

15. Unfurnished Apartment
A.1Bedroom: Bar 1&2-N660, 000
B.2Bedrooms: Bar 1&2-N770,000

16. Serviced Apartment
Studio Bar 1-N700,000
Bar 2-N1,500,000
Bar 1&2-N2,000,000

17. Serviced Apartment
Studio Bar 1-N700,000
Bar 2-N1,500,000
Bar 1&2-N2,000,000

18. Serviced Apartment
Studio Bar 1-N700,000
Bar 2-N2,000,000
Bar 1&2-N 2,800,000

19. Unfurnished Apartment
1bedroom: Bar 2-N500,000
1bedroom:Bar 2-N600,000

20. Serviced Apartment
One Bedroom Flat. Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N2,200,000
Bar 1&2-N 3,000,000

21. Unfurnished Apartment
2Bedrooms. Bar 1&2- N800,000

22. Serviced Apartment/1bedroom Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N2,000,000
Bar 1 & 2- N2,800,000


23. Serviced Apartment
Studio-Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N1,330,000 (Single Room)
Bar 2-N1,630,000 (Double Room)
Bar 1&2-N2,500,000

24. Serviced Apartment
Studio-Bar 1-N850,000
Bar 2-N2,200,000
Bar 1&2-N3,000,000

Econop Suites

25. Furnished Apartment
1Bedroom. Bar 2- N1,000,000


26. Unfurnished Apartment
2Bedrooms.Bar 1 & 2-N1,100,000


27. Serviced Apartment
A.Studio Bar 2- N1,800,000
B.1 Bedroom. Bar 2-N2,400,000


28. Furnished Apartment.
3Bedrooms:Bar 1&2- N1,850,000

29. Furnished Apartment
2Bedrooms.Bar 1&2-N2,000,000

Vonos Lounge Apartment

30. Serviced Apartment
1Bedroom.Bar 1&2-N2,200,000
Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N1,400,000

31. Serviced Apartment
1Bedroom.Bar 1&2-N2,300,000
Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N1,500,000


32. Serviced Apartment
2 bedrooms. Bar 2- N2,500,000


33. Hotel N7000 per night.
Available for Bar 1&2


34. Hotel N7000 per night.
Available for Bar 1&2.

35. Hotel.N5000 per night.
Available for Bar 1&2.

36. Hotel.N5000 per night.
Available for Bar 1&2.

We will be reviewing the apartments weekly here on our blog. The reviews will help you have better knowledge of the apartment that will suit your peculiar needs and ensure your smooth stay at the Nigerian Law School Bwari, taking into considerations your budget and taste.

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