This is the ideal apartment for students who want a large place to stay as a company, family, reading boodies, cliques or university mates.
If you are given to big sitting rooms, large en-suite bedrooms (toilet joined to room),spacious kitchen, large dinning space with a family setting and a little away from the school environment to enjoy some privacy, then Vonos apartment is where to stay.

The apartment is an all furnished apartment with beds, reading tables/chairs, couches, 34inches flat screen television, Dstv in the sitting room, cooker, microwaves, cooking pots and fridge in the kitchen.
An in-flat generator for each flat, general washing machine and three air-conditioners each in the two rooms and parlour. There is also a school shuttle car to carter for students
who may not have cars at no extra cost.
Vonos apartment is a furnished two bedroom flat en-suite with a guest toilet in an exclusive premises with only four units, two flats upstairs and two other flats downstairs.

You can rent a full two bedroom flat or you could take a single bedroom within a flat while another person could take another flat.
The apartment is open for the Bar 1&2 students.

The apartment is in the FCDA Estate and the premises has its security personnel away from the estates security network.
Only two units remaining.

Call in and make your rent payment now. +2348134142807

If you are interested in renting the apartment, you could call in for a tour or do a virtual tour via the link below.


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N/B: Next review of an apartment comes up on Thursday 08/03/2018

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Do you have friends, colleagues, wards or relatives who need to secure private apartments for their stay at the NLS Bar 1 & 2 programmes?
Or you are trying to make plans for your accommodation for Bar 1 & 2 Programmes at the Nigerian Law School?
Etuk.ng has captured all the apartments available for Bar 1 students at the Nigerian Law School, Bwari all tailored to suit your budget and taste for both Bar 1 & 2 programmes,ranging from unfurnished, furnished to serviced apartments. With all categories ranging from Studio, 1 bedroom,2bedrooms,3bedrooms,Pent House Apartment to Duplex.

Click on these links to get the full view of available apartments…

1.Unfurnished Apartment

Studio Bar 1-N150,000                                                            https://etuk.ng/properties/bee-wills/


2.Unfurnished Apartment

Studio.Bar 1&2-N200,000                                                             https://etuk.ng/properties/abdulsalam-estate/


3.Unfurnished Apartment

Studio.Bar 1&2-N250,000                                                              https://etuk.ng/properties/ikechukwu-apartment-2/

4.Unfurnished Apartment

A.Studio.Bar 1&2-N250,000

B.1Bedroom:Bar 1&2-N350,000
C.2Bedrooms:Bar 1&2-N500,000                                                  https://etuk.ng/properties/folayus-apartment/


5.Unfurnished Apartment

A.Studio: Bar 1&2-N250,000
B.1Bedroom:Bar 1&2-N400,000
C.2Bedrooms:Bar 1&2-N600,000                                                    https://etuk.ng/properties/blue-roof/


6A.Unfurnished Apartment

Studio.24hrs Electric Power. Bar 1-N350,000
Bar 2-N800,000
Bar 1& 2-N1,000,000                                                                             https://etuk.ng/properties/williams-courtyard/


7.Unfurnished Apartment

A.Studio. Bar 1 & 2-N350,000
B.Furnished Apartment/Studio .Bar 1& 2-N850,000                     https://etuk.ng/properties/bee-wills/


8.Unfurnished Apartment.

A.Studio: Bar 1&2-N450,000
B.1bedroom:  Bar 1&2-N750,000(Small)
C.Bar 1&2-N950,000(Big)
D.2bedrooms: Bar 1&2-N1,200,000                                               https://etuk.ng/properties/pryde-estate/


9.Unfurnished Apartment

A. Studio:  Bar 1&2-N450,000
B.1Bedroom:Bar1&2-N550,000                                                     https://etuk.ng/properties/oyibanjo-apartment/


10.Unfurnished Apartment

1bedroom.Bar 1&2- N500,000                                                      https://etuk.ng/properties/red-brick/


11.Unfurnished Apartment

A.Studio: Bar 1&2-N500,000
B. Furnished       Studio: Bar 1& 2- N900,000.
C. Unfurnished  1Bedroom:Bar 1&2-N700,000                        https://etuk.ng/properties/tamara-apartment/


12.Unfurnished Apartment

A.1Bedroom:Bar 1&2-N660,000
B.2Bedrooms:Bar 1&2-N770,000                                               https://etuk.ng/properties/nas-apartment/


13.Serviced Apartment

Studio. Bar 1-N700,000
Bar 2-N1,500,000
Bar 1&2-N2,000,000                                                                   https://etuk.ng/properties/williams-courtyard/


14.Serviced Apartment

Studio. Bar 1-N700,000
Bar 2-N1,500,000
Bar 1&2-N2,000,000                                                                   https://etuk.ng/properties/alice-apartment/


15.Serviced Apartment

Studio.      Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N2,000,000
Bar 1&2-N 2,800,000                                                                  https://etuk.ng/properties/a-20-apartments/


16.Serviced Apartment

One Bedroom Flat. Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N2,200,000
Bar 1&2-N 3,000,000                                                                    https://etuk.ng/properties/elizabeth-court/


17.Unfurnished Apartment

2Bedrooms. Bar 1&2- N800,000                                             https://etuk.ng/properties/hand-of-god-apartment/


18.Serviced Apartment/1bedroom   Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N2,500,000
Bar 1 & 2- N3,000,000                                                               https://etuk.ng/properties/tilt-service-apartment


19.Serviced Apartment

Studio-Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N1,330,000 (Single Room)
Bar 2-N1,630,000 (Double Room)
Bar 1&2-N2,500,000                                                                    https://etuk.ng/properties/the-zen-student-apartment/


20.Serviced Apartment

Studio-Bar 1-N850,000

Bar 2-N2,200,000
Bar 1&2-N3,000,000                                                                     https://etuk.ng/properties/econop-suites/


21.Furnished Apartment

1Bedroom. Bar 2- N1,000,000                                                   https://etuk.ng/properties/christabel-apartment/


22.Unfurnished Apartment

2Bedrooms.Bar 1 & 2-N1,100,000                                             https://etuk.ng/properties/xavier-apartment/


23.Serviced Apartment

A.Studio Bar 2- N1,800,000
B.1 Bedroom. Bar 2-N2,400,000                                                https://etuk.ng/properties/lovitoz-place/


24.Furnished Apartment.

3Bedrooms:Bar 1&2- N1,850,000                                              https://etuk.ng/properties/janta-home/


25.Furnished Apartment

2Bedrooms.Bar 1&2-N2,000,000                                          https://etuk.ng/properties/vonos-apartment/


26.Serviced Apartment

1Bedroom.Bar 1&2-N2,200,000
Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N1,400,000                                                                        https://etuk.ng/properties/red-haven-pink-house/


27.Serviced Apartment

1Bedroom.Bar 1&2-N2,300,000
Bar 1-N800,000
Bar 2-N1,500,000                                                                       https://etuk.ng/properties/barristers-quarters/


28.Serviced Apartment

2 bedrooms. Bar 2- N2,500,000                                           https://etuk.ng/properties/fravio-apartment/


29.Hotel   N7000  per night.

Available for Bar 1&2                                                               https://etuk.ng/properties/liberty-hotel-and-suite/


30. Hotel N7000 per night.

Available for Bar 1&2.                                                            https://etuk.ng/properties/elim-top-suites-apartments/


31.Hotel.N5000 per night.

Available for Bar 1&2.                                                             https://etuk.ng/properties/global-village-hotel-suites/


32.Hotel.N5000 per night.

Available for Bar 1&2.                                                           https://etuk.ng/properties/satellite-hotel/


33. Hotel.N5800 per night.

Available for Bar 1&2.                                                        https://etuk.ng/properties/srh-western-hotel/



We will be reviewing at least two apartments weekly here on our blog from the 5th of March,2018.The reviews will help you have better knowledge of the apartment that will suit your peculiar needs and ensure your smooth stay at the Nigerian Law School Bwari, taking into considerations your budget and taste.


Login to www.etuk.ng and have a virtual tour on all available apartments,select and make reservations online.
The Best Way to Find An Apartment.

follow us on Instagram @etukng , Twitter @etukng

N/B: The review of all the apartments starts on Monday 05/03/2018

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Barristers Quarters



Welcome To Barristers Quarters

Barristers Quarters, Bwari, offers one bedroom serviced Apartments with fully fitted bathrooms and kitchens. The apartments are tastefully furnished, comfortable, spacious, and designed to provide no frills luxury for a perfect home away from home feeling. Our facilities are opposite Law School behind the bustle of road side Hotels. We are one minute drive or three minute walk from Law School and perfect for student Barristers looking to avoid Hotel environment and over crowded student Hostels.

Our Facilities

Features That Give Barristers Quarters An Edge

    • Barristers Quarters – 12 Units of One Bedroom Apartments
    • Fully-furnished luxury One Bedroom Apartments.
    • Air Conditioner
    • Kitchen with Fridge, Microwave and Gas Cooker
    • Comfortable Bed and Nice Curtains
    • Spacious compound, beautiful green areas
    • Two or Three Minute Walk to Nigerian Law School
    • Round the clock security services for your protection
    • Ample and Flexible Power supply
    • Dedicated transformer, Two Diesel Generators with back up
    • Clean Bore Holes for Round the Clock Water supply in all Areas
    • Concierge and laundry services on call
    • Available parking spaces for each apartment
    • Beautiful landscape for everyone and you to view
    • Experienced and Friendly Maintenance Manager and Janitors
    • LED TV and DSTV
    • Chef On request
    • Our Apartments are big enough for Shared Rentals – No more than two students per Flat
    • Contemporary Living Room Furniture, Comfortable Reading Desk and Chair

How Home Should Be … Quiet. Clean. Secure. Comfortable. Spacious. Powered. Separate Living Room and Bedroom.

The Luxury You Need … From Landscaping to Facilities Design, we offer just the perfect blend of luxury and affordability.