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Janta Home at just N 5000 per night for your call to bar screening

Congratulations to all the bar finalists who made it at the bar finals examination, you are all welcome to the prestigious legal profession.

Planning for your screening exercise at Bwari and don’t have a place to stay, call in at Janta Homes for just N5000 per night and have an excellent stay for your screening. Book your room now on 08134142807

Janta Home

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  • Good morning all,

    If you know what is good for you, and you do not want the one year/night in Bwari to be worse than its already going to be PLEASE stay away from this property. Not only are the caretakers, agents, and all the staff of this place very unfortunate human beings, but the building itself is also very unconducive for even animal habitation. I would go on to write all that is wrong with this property and everyone involved in it, but I don’t have all year. But if you don’t believe me and are considering staying here, please comment and I will contact you personally to spill the tea, with photographic evidence of the horror my friends and the staff that worked here and I endured in the 1 year that we were here. If after you don’t believe me, I can give you at least 5 of the st least 9 gatemen we had in the space of a year to corroborate my story, and tell you how unfortunate, abusive, fraudulent and violent Bartholomew Serwani, the caretaker of this property is. Have a good day and remain blessed

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